Noashima Island, Japan
Tadao Ando
Published in Home Magazine
April/May 2017


Deep concrete chambers plummet beneath the surface, spilling into open cliff top courtyards. Through the injection of diffuse natural light, Ando transforms dark canverous chambers into ethereal soft gallery spaces. In one space in particular tiny beveled edge mosaic tiles are soft underfoot. Rounded corners comfort the eye as the white natural light spills from above. All measures are taken by Ando to calm the experience and draw attention to the massive Claude Monets sitting silently on the wall. Guards uniformed in pure white stand silently just watching with the odd bow of the head as I glide past, fixated on Ando’s treatment of light and surface as much as Monet’s brushstrokes. From this transcendental space Ando then plunges one back into dark raw concrete corridors, through vibrant beams of light and into seemingly never ending chambers to aptly display the emptiness of James Turrell or power of Walter De Maria’s giant spheres.